What can Noahides do for souls of loved ones who passed away

The following account of an answer from the Rebbe is published by Sichos in English. It is presented here with their permission.

Reb Nachum Rabinovitz, one of the vintage chassidim of Jerusalem, was once waiting for yechidus. [A yechidus is a private meeting with the Rebbe.]  Among those waiting was a young man, obviously wealthy, but wearing a morose and despondent expression.

A short while later, the young man entered the Rebbe’s room, and when he emerged, his expression had changed. His face beamed forth energy and vitality.

Curious about this abrupt shift in emotion, when his own yechidus concluded, Reb Nachum  inquired about the young man’s identity from the Rebbe’s secretaries and was able to arrange a meeting. The young man told Reb Nachum:

I am a millionaire, but recently, my only son died. At that point, I felt that my life no longer had any purpose. I saw no value to my wealth or my position.

I went to the Rebbe for solace and advice.

The Rebbe asked me what my feelings would be if my son went overseas and was living in a foreign country from which he could not communicate to me, but in which I could be assured that all his needs were being met and he had no suffering at all.

I answered that although the separation would be difficult to bear, I would be happy for my son.

‘And although he could not respond, if you could communicate with him and send packages to him,’ the Rebbe continued, ‘would you do so?’

‘Of course,’ I answered.

‘This is precisely your present situation,’ the Rebbe concluded. ‘With every word of prayer [to G-d] you recite [for him], you are sending a message to your son. And with every gift you make to charity or institution which you fund [as proper charity in his memory], you are sending a package to him. He cannot respond, but he appreciates your words and your gifts.’

charity can (pushka)