Which type are the angels for the nations?

The subject of angelology is beyond the scope of the content of our Ask Noah website, but here is a very brief reply.

There are many types and levels of spiritual (i.e. non-physical) beings. More in-depth explanations of these beings can be found in Chassidic teachings. Two general divisions can be made. First, there are those that are on a higher spiritual level than the physical boundaries of space and time as we know them. In Hebrew, these are called malakhim (singular malakh, or malach). Of these, the lowest order are the Ofanim (singular Ofan), which are described in Ezekiel 1:16-18 as being like “wheels within wheels,” with “rims full of eyes.” Spiritually higher than those are the Hayos, described there as having four faces (1:6). Higher than those are the Serafim (singular Seraf) which appear in prophetic visions with a human-like form and six wings (Isaiah 6:2). (Of course the physical terms in these descriptions are really analogies for spiritual powers.)

There are also spiritual beings on a lower level which exist within the boundaries of space and time as we know them. The Sarim (singular Sar) angels, which are the “patron” or “guardian” angels of the seventy nations (such as the Biblical nation of Egypt), belong to this category.