Are organ donations allowed within the Noahide Commandments?

Since Noahides do not have a commandment that they must be buried in the earth, the option is open to them for organ donation. Given that they have this option, it is in fact a meritorious thing for them to give this great gift of improved physical life, and even life itself, to another person. However, note that the Torah defines life by the beating of the heart. Therefore a person who wants to be an organ donor should make a clear and legal stipulation (a Torah-acceptable Living Will) that none of his organs (especially the heart!) may be removed before the heart is permanently stopped.

For Jews, on the other hand, it is commanded in Deuteronomy 21:23 (which applies to all Jews) that their entire body should be buried in the earth, on the day of death or as soon afterward as possible. The burial can be delayed beyond the first day only for certain specific circumstances. Likewise, autopsies on Jewish bodies are forbidden in general. In cases of great need, a reliable Orthodox Rabbi should be consulted.