What do angels have to do with the 7 Noahide Commandments?

A person should strive to secure supporting angels for him/herself by following his/her Divine commandments. For the same reason, a person should also strive to do appropriate deeds of goodness and kindness.

As an example, when a person gives charity, it should be given appropriately. (For Gentiles, it is for example very proper to give charity specifically to save the lives of others – those who are starving or suffering from illness or injury. This also applies to those who are spiritually needy, by supporting Torah-true outreach for the authentic Noahide Code.) One should also avoid negative thoughts, words and actions in general. A Gentile can achieve success in becoming a faithful servant of the One True G-d in all of these ways, and he/she has the option to gain even more merit by taking on additional righteous traditions.

Furthermore, repentance for a past sin is a shield against the heavenly accusation. A complete repentance will erase the accusation completely. A person should also strive NOT to bring about accusing angels for him/herself. Therefore one should be careful to not violate his/her Divine commandments. For Gentiles, these are the Seven Noahide Commandments.

Note: The Book of Iyov (“Job,” a righteous Canaanite) was written by Moses, who was a contemporary of Iyov. Iyov died before the Jews returned to the land of Canaan from Egypt. It is interesting that when the angel Sahtan was given permission from G-d to try to make Iyov sin, he specifically chose to test him with the sin of blasphemy, which is one of the Seven Noahide Commandments. When Iyov successfully passed his test, he was granted a deeper and open understanding of G-d’s ways. Not only did Iyov benefit from this for the rest of his life, but it was recorded in the Holy Scriptures for the eternal benefit of all mankind.

When the Messiah son of David comes, the outpouring of blessings to the refined creation will be so great that they will provide greater physical abundance and blessings to all the nations – more so than they have ever had throughout history.