May Gentiles address G-d as Father?

Question: Is there a problem with a Gentile / Noahide addressing G-d as “Father”? I’m considering that the Jews are called “the children of G-d” [Deut. 14:1]. Maybe that’s a distinction that I should honor in prayer?

Answer: As long as you’re saying this in your heartfelt prayers in your own words, or reading from the translated text of an appropriate prayer from the Orthodox Jewish liturgy, there isn’t any problem with this. “Our Father, our King,” is used in many prayers in the Jewish liturgy. This phrase was used in a moment of inspiration by the Sage Rabbi Akiva at a time of great trouble. It evoked a miraculous response from G-d when other prayers were not succeeding. By saying “our Father, our King,” you can have in mind that you are including yourself and all Righteous Gentiles along with the Jewish People.