A Noahide Woman’s Forward-looking Request

B”H 25 Tevet 5772 / 20 Jan. ’12

Sh’lom and blessings,

As a sensitive and righteous leader, the Lubavitcher Rebbe gave the call, many times, for the nations to be taught about the Noahide Commandments and other topics that relate to the overall divine service of Gentiles from the Torah. Yet, there is a “famine” (if you will) of places for Noahides to go to get this education, and certainly it has not been made available to most of us along with the understanding and community that we need. It is a very real “desert” experience for us, especially when we have walked away from the non-Torah misinformation that we used to think was an oasis of “bible” fellowship! I have been very fortunate to live in a place where the Rebbe’s call has been heard and taken to heart, as observant Jewish congregations here have embraced us and offered learning and a spiritual haven. Yet it has come to my attention, in contacts with Noahides in other places in the US and around the world, that this is not the case for the vast majority of us!

I am aware that there are several meetings of Orthodox Rabbis from various groups and organizations year round, each time emphasizing current themes and directions, aimed at revitalizing the mission and the workers (especially). In keeping with the words of the Rebbe, I would like to submit a request for consideration – that in some of these upcoming conferences, the Noahide path, including especially a familiarization with the Torah-based precepts of the Noahide Code, would be made an ongoing and expanding topic of study.

The pious Noahides are looking to you, the observant spiritual leaders of the Jewish People, to give us the “scoop”, as it were, from G-d. And accurately! We’ve had enough of non-authoritative “interpretations” of the Hebrew Scriptures and their supportive works. May I be so bold as to suggest that the Director of Ask Noah International would be a wonderful keynote speaker and resource for this theme. I am sure others who are involved with that organization, such as Rabbi Moshe Weiner, would also be invaluable and powerful lecturers on the subject.

I am very impressed by the faith and actions of Abraham, your father, who when he completed his offering to G-d on Mount Moriah, returned with his son Isaac to his two attendants who were waiting by the donkey. Unlike the two times before when the verses read “and the two walked on together”, it there reads, “and they [all] rose and went together”. In the spirit of the famous Torah commentary by Rabbi Shimshon Rafael Hirsch, I see in this an example of a Jew (Abraham, the first one chosen and directed by G-d), fulfilling his own mission as he was commanded (to go and offer), and then coming to those to those who are waiting, elevating them to continue on with him, on the next stage of his spiritual service and journey. We non-Jews are waiting to rise and walk together with the Jewish people, and fulfill our prospective roles in the mission to make this world a dwelling place for G-d/HaShem. You are our teachers; the keepers of the gates – the guardians of G*d’s revelation to us all.

I am hopeful that my humble request will be considered and implemented in some small capacity to start the ball rolling. I know it may seem to be adding a concern that is not presently regarded by many as a high priority. Yet, it was a point of great concern to a righteous leader, the beloved Rebbe – a leader for this generation. I hope and pray that the power of his words will begin to take root and grow in this vital area as well. I personally believe it is a key matter (or the key) in the preparation for welcoming Moshiach.

Kol tuv (all the best) to you, the Jewish People here and in the Land of Israel, and Sh’lom to the World.

We, too, want Moshiach now!!!

D.F., Florida