* To Know G-d: A Chassidic Discourse by Rabbi Shalom DovBer

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To Know G-d: a Chassidic DiscourseA Chassidic Discourse (called a ma’amar in Hebrew) by Rabbi Shalom DovBer Schneersohn of Lubavitch.

This classic Chassidic discourse, titled VeYada’ata in Hebrew (“And you shall know”), focuses on the verse in Deuteronomy: “And you shall know today and take it unto your heart, that G-d is the L-rd…, there is nothing else.” It highlights and explains the inner spiritual significance of the two different Hebrew Names for G-d used in this verse.

The discourse probes the nature of the unity between G-d and our material world. It simultaneously stirs its readers to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects this oneness, even though G-d’s infinity cannot be perceived directly by created beings.

Published by Sichos in English (SIE).

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