The Jewish Book of Etiquette

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The Jewish Book of EtiquetteThis is an excellent book if you are looking for a very complete and concise compilation of Jewish morality based on universally applicable teachings from the Jewish commandments between man and fellow man, and from the Written Torah and the Oral Torah (Mishna, Talmud and Midrash). The only drawback is that the title doesn’t express the content and the intention of the book. It should have been titled “The Book of Universal Ethics from the Torah,” because that is exactly what it is.

It is taught in the Mishnaic tractate Ethics of the Fathers, “If there is no Torah, there is no proper social conduct; if there is no proper social conduct, there is no Torah.” This excellent book will help you learn how to be upright in G-d’s eyes in your personal and business relationships with other people. As such, this book is consistent with the guidelines for Torah study by Noahides which are presented in the book The Divine Code.