Pharaoh: Biblical History, Egypt and the Missing Millennium

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“Who was Pharaoh of the Bible?

A common scholarly identification for the Pharaoh of the Exodus is that of Ramesses the Great, from the 19th Dynasty… This is primarily based on the verse in Exodus 1:11 that describes the Israelites building the ‘store-cities of [the city] Ramesses’ during their years of oppression.

However, this identification [of the city’s name with the Pharaoh’s name] poses problems. It does not fit in with the number of years stipulated by the Bible between the Exodus and the construction of the Second Temple by Darius the Great, the Persian monarch and ruler of the 27th Dynasty in Egypt. Furthermore, over the last couple of decades, archaeologists and researchers have uncovered a wealth of evidence contradicting this identification.

Another baffling problem is that traditional Jewish dating sets the beginning of the Egyptian Dynastic era at circa 2000 bce, whereas the painstaking analysis of conventional [but incorrect] chronologists yields a date of circa 3000 bce.”

Rabbi Hool’s book presents a wealth of evidence from many different disciplines. This includes factual astronomical dating, and it establishes a corrected Egyptian chronology that fits with the with traditional Jewish dating.

As a bonus, it draws on Rabbi Hool’s reconciliation of Persian history with Jewish tradition for the Second Temple’s duration.

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