Rabbi Yossi Schulman: Promote the 7 Laws Globally

In this invited lecture on June 11, 20’20, Rabbi Yossi Schulman addresses the uncertainties we are facing in this chaotic time, and outlines a practical plan for promoting the universal Noahide Commandments on a global scale. We should take inspiration from Abraham, who brought awareness of the One G-d into the world through his campaign of charitable acts of goodness and kindness.

Yossi Schulman is Executive Director of the new charitable organization “Unite the World.” He is also the Development Consultant and Executive Assistant for Ask Noah International.


Direct link to audio file: https://asknoah.org/wp-content/uploads/rabbi-yossi-schulman-11june20.mp3

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Rabbi Yossi Schulman

Rabbi Yossi Schulman, Executive Director of the charitable organization Unite The World.