What Meat is Kosher for Gentiles?


This lesson is a reading in 20’05 of the transcript of Ask Noah’s on-line interview with Dr. Temple Grandin, on April 12, 20’02. For many years, Dr. Grandin has been a leading expert on animal welfare and humane slaughter in the meat industry.

The chat session addressed many points of interest for those who observe or wish to increase their observance of the Noahide prohibition of eating meat that was removed from a living animal. The unedited, full text of the chat session was posted on the web site of the North American Meat Institute with member log-in. This audio recording is an edited version of the chat session. We have arranged the communications into the logical flow of the discussion. Questions that were unrelated to Noahide issues have been omitted from this recording.

The full details for fulfilling the Noahide prohibition of eating meat which was removed from a live animal are presented in the book “The Divine Code”, by Rabbi Moshe Weiner of Jerusalem (published by Ask Noah International).

Commercial USDA meat from slaughterhouses that follow the government regulations is fully permissible for Gentiles to eat.

To read the transcript of our interview with Dr. Grandin: CLICK HERE