Introductions to Rosh HaShanah – the “Head” of the Year

(1) Rosh HaShanah, the first day of the month of Tishrei in the Hebrew Calendar, is the anniversary of G-d’s creation of Adam and Hava (Eve) on the sixth day of Creation. Every year on this day, G-d judges all people and all nations for the coming year. This makes it a very significant day for Noahides and all other Gentiles. This year, Rosh HaShanah starts at sundown on Sunday, September 25, 20’22. The audio lesson presented here concludes with the sounding of a shofar (ram’s horn):



(2) Since Rosh HaShanah marks the start of another year from sixth day of Creation, we might expect that it would instead be called by the Hebrew name HaShanah Chadashah, which would be translated as “the New Year”. Instead, the name it was given means “Head of the Year”. What the meaning of this, and what is the lesson for us? Rabbi Nachman Simon explains in this audio lesson: