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The Alter Rebbe: his final teaching & opposition to Napoleon

Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi

Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liady (1745-1812 C.E.) was the founder of the Chabad branch of the Chassidic movement.

His chassidic holiday of 19th-20th of Kislev falls between late November and mid December. It is the anniversary of his miraculous release from prison in Czarist Russia in 17’98, after he was cleared of slanderous false charges. This year (20’23), the 19th of Kislev (“Yud-Tes” Kislev) begins at sundown on December 1st. It is celebrated as the “Rosh HaShanah” (New Year’s Day) for the teachings of Chassidus.

The Alter Rebbe spread out inner dimensions of Torah that he revealed in his Chabad Chassidic teachings. His work that is most recommended for Noahides is The Gate of Unity and Faith (Sha’ar HaYichud Veha’emunah). It introduces and explains the fundamentals of the Unity of G-d, and the process by which G-d continuously makes the creation from nothing.

The Alter Rebbe was also a great authority in Torah law. For example, he authored an updated edition of the Shulchan Aruch (Code of Jewish Law), titled the Shulchan Aruch Ha’Rav.

He passed away on 24 Tevet, which falls on 5 January in 20’24.

From Rabbi Yosef Eisen: Historical context – his opposition to Jewish assimilation under Napoleon (reading from Miraculous Journey)


From Rabbi Nachman Simon:

(1) The founder of the Chabad Chassidic movement


(2) His final teaching after escaping from Napoleon’s invading army