Living Wills Can Protect Against Murder

The Seven Universal Noahide Commandments prohibit murder, including euthanasia. A Living Will can protect an incapacitated person against that from of homicide. For information about making a Living Will in the United States that is consistent with the Noahide Code, CLICK HERE.



Human life is an unalienable right of every person. It is a gift from G-d that He expects us to guard and respect. Mankind was created “in the image of G-d”, and therefore possesses a dimension of holiness. Taking a human life diminishes a measure of the Divine image that is present in the world. Without G-d’s permission it is strictly forbidden. Furthermore. murder is an act of extreme rebellion against G-d Himself, Who blessed mankind “to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth” (Genesis 1:28), and “He did not create it for emptiness; He fashioned it to be inhabited” (Isaiah 45:18).

One who truly repents for the sin of murder should make a complete repentance, including increasing his acts of loving kindness and his charitable giving, and providing sustenance to those who are poor and living in pitiful conditions. It is also good for him to exile himself from his place of residence and his station in life, for exile atones for the sin of murder.


Living wills are need to protect against euthanasia.