1-minute Lessons on Book of Numbers by Rabbi Nachman Simon

One-minute audio lessons on special points from weekly Torah readings in the Book of Numbers. Shared with permission from Rabbi Nachman Simon.


Nasso: Numbers, chapters 5-6. The sotah and the nazir: how to distance yourself from trouble!



(1) Numbers, chapter 11. Appreciate the good you have and don’t complain!


(2) Numbers, chapter 12. The lesson from Miriam: Judge everyone to the side of merit!



(1) Numbers chapter 13. Don’t Project Your Negative Feeling onto Others!


(2) Numbers chapters 13-14. Trust in G-d!


(3) Numbers chapter 14. From Slavery to Freedom in 40 Years


(4) Numbers chapter 14. Go With the Promise from G-d


Korach: Numbers chapter 16. Be the Best that You Can Be!


Chukas: Numbers chapter 20. Miriam’s Reward


Balak: Numbers chapter 24. Curses Turned into Blessings!



(1) Numbers chapter 26. Good Family Values


(2) Numbers chapter 26. What Happened to the Sons of Korach?


(3) Numbers chapter 27. The Women Loved the Land of Israel!



(1) Numbers 33:16. They encamped in “Kibroth-hataavah” (“Buried by lustful desire”, or “Buried the lustful desire”??)


(2) Numbers 33:38-39. From Aaron the High Priest, Learn to Love Peace