1-minute Lessons on Book of Numbers by Rabbi Nachman Simon

One-minute audio lessons on special points from weekly Torah readings in the Book of Numbers. Shared with permission from Rabbi Nachman Simon.


Nasso: Numbers, chapters 5-6. The sotah and the nazir: how to distance yourself from trouble!



(1) Numbers, chapter 11. Appreciate the good you have and don’t complain!


(2) Numbers, chapter 12. The lesson from Miriam: Judge everyone to the side of merit!



(1) Numbers chapter 13. Don’t Project Your Negative Feeling onto Others!


(2) Numbers chapters 13-14. Trust in G-d!


(3) Numbers chapter 14. From Slavery to Freedom in 40 Years


(4) Numbers chapter 14. Go With the Promise from G-d


Korach: Numbers chapter 16. Be the Best that You Can Be!