Order “The Divine Code” for Inmates

by Rabbi Moshe Weiner, Jerusalem. Editor: Dr. Michael Schulman, Ph.D.

English translation of “Sheva Mitzvot HaShem,” Volumes I – III (in Hebrew):  Details of the Noahide Code, as the guide to observing G-d’s Will for mankind, revealed from Mt. Sinai in the Torah of Moses.

Section introductions by Rabbi Moshe Weiner, Rabbi J. Immanuel Schochet, Ph.D.; Arthur Goldberg, J.D. (author of “Light in the Closet”); Joe M. Regenstein, Ph.D. (Dept. of Food Science, Cornell Univ.); Rabbi Shimon D. Cowen, Ph.D.; and Michael Schulman, Ph.D.

4th Edition, © 20’22 by Ask Noah International. 704 pages, softcover.


Part I. Fundamentals of the Faith (9 chapters)
Part II. The Prohibition of Idolatry (12 chapters)
Part III. The Prohibition of Blasphemy (4 chapters)
Part IV. The Prohibition of Eating Meat that was Separated from a Living Animal (9 chapters)
Part V. The Prohibition of Murder and Injury (9 chapters)
Part VI. The Prohibition of Forbidden Relations (7 chapters)
Part VII. The Prohibition of Theft (16 chapters)
Part VIII. Establishment of Laws and Courts (4 Chapters)

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