Mailing Labels Promote 7 Laws of Noah

140 Labels – 7 Commandments of Noah

Use these labels on all your envelopes, packages, or books to publicize the message of the 7 Laws of Noah. Stick them on anything you want to help spread the word.

Each one has a short promotion for the Seven Commandments of Noah, plus contact information for the informative website These high-visibility labels are the size of medium return address labels. Choose from designs shown.

USA shipping destinations only. Price is $18.50 per package of 140 labels, which includes shipping costs. Allow approximately two weeks for delivery.

140 Mail Labels, 7 Laws with Trees (shipping within U.S.A.):

140 Mail Labels, 7 Laws with Trees (international shipping):



140 Mail Labels, 7 Laws with US Flag (shipping in U.S.A.):