Go(o)d for You: the Divine Code of 7 Noahide Commandments

Good for you - the Noahide Code

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Here is the Noahide introduction / outreach booklet that you’ve been waiting for! This full-color booklet includs graphics and photographs on heavy glossy paper. It brings the concepts of the Noahide Code vividly to life!

Each of the Seven Noahide Laws is covered, with expert essays on the meaning of each topic. These the essays from the section introductions from the more in-depth book “The Divine Code” by Rabbi Moshe Weiner.

For each of the Seven Laws, the explanatory essay is followed by a paragraph which explains the sources in the Hebrew Bible. There is also a list of selected key details for observing the commandment, and some related or offshoot principles.

The booklet begins with conceptual and historical overviews. It ends with a review of other righteous traditions that were accepted by mankind after the Great Flood. As more and more people begin to observe the letter and spirit of the Seven Noahide Laws, the world moves closer to the unity that the Creator has promised!

Candid praise for this booklet:

from a campus Chabad Center rabbi: “I just finished reading Go(o)d for You, and I just wanted you to know that this is absolutely brilliant!”

– from a Noahide in Upstate New York:  “This booklet is exciting! It’s something I can give to my friends and relatives who are asking questions about ‘Noahide’.”

– from a Noahide in Texas:  “These booklets are very nice. I hope I find occasion to spread them around soon! They have a very classy look.”

Hard-copy Format (currently out of print): softcover, 36 pages. full color illustrations, 5.75 x 8.25 inches.
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