Stories of the Rebbe for 3rd of Tammuz

The Lubavitcher Rebbe

“The Rabbi,” © by Linda Frimer

In honor of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s 27th yahrtzeit (anniversary of his passing), 3rd of Tammuz 5781 (June 13, 20’21), we share the following stories of blessings received by Gentiles.

Reprinted, with permission, from the N’Shei Chabad Convention Journal 2013, and with permission from the author.


by Rahel Davidoff

I had travelled to Crown Heights, Brooklyn, from London, England, for the Convention of Chabad-Lubavitch Women Emissaries this year. At one point during my visit, my daughter and I took a cab to a different Brooklyn neighborhood. The cab driver was friendly and told us of his background; he was raised in Ghana. He then asked me if I belonged to the Lubavitch community in Crown Heights. When I told him I was Lubavitch, but lived overseas, he asked, “Do you visit the Grand Rabbi’s grave?”

Without waiting for an answer, he exclaimed, “He is a great man and performs miracles, even these days! I had a miracle through him!”

He enthusiastically continued his story: “A few years ago, I was badly injured in a car accident. I couldn’t drive for a full year, and since driving is my livelihood, I was left without any way to earn money. To make matters worse, I didn’t fill out my insurance claims properly, so I didn’t receive any payments. I was left with nothing. Somehow, I made it through the year, and then went back to work driving my cab.

“One day someone from the Crown Heights Lubavitch community asked me to drive him to the cemetery in Queens. He went to pray at the Grand Rabbi’s resting place, while I waited for him in my car outside, by the curb. I thought to myself, ‘Why don’t I ask for a blessing?’ I had driven enough people to the resting place to know what to do; you write a letter with your request. So, that’s exactly what I did. Then I thought, ‘If you, Grand Rabbi, represent us humans to the G-d on high, you can do it from anywhere.’ I took my letter and slipped it through the wire fence near the street.

“Let me tell you what happened. Within a week, I received full payment from my insurance company for the entire year, all in one lump sum. You can’t imagine what that meant for me! But wait, I have another miracle to share with you, that happened with my friend:

“I have a friend from Ghana who lives with his wife in Canada. He came to New York to visit me. When he arrived, he looked so downcast and miserable. I didn’t want to pry into his business, but I wanted to be helpful. I said to him, ‘You look like you have worries, I know a place you can get blessings that will help you…come let me take you there.’

“My friend agreed and I took him to the Queens cemetery. By mistake, I came on Saturday and realized it was not a good day to come, so we headed back. However, I told him I could take him on Sunday. We went on Sunday and he prayed. The next day he returned to Canada.

“A few days later, I called him to find out if anything improved after his visit to the Grand Rabbi. He answered, ‘You will not believe this, you called just as my wife and I reached home, after our day in court! Let me have my wife tell you all about it.’ His wife got on the phone to explain.

“They were brought to court over an eviction case. They had not been able to pay taxes and were about to lose their home. They tried pleading for an easier payment term, to make payment plans…but the government refused. The day I called him was the last day of their hearing where the judge was expected to give the final verdict.

“Well, my friend was running late and asked his wife to go ahead of him, and he would meet her shortly in court. When he got there, he noticed his wife was trying to tell him something, speaking so fast, ‘Talk to our lawyer! Go! He’ll tell you what happened!’

“My friend hurried to his lawyer to hear what his wife was so excited about. The lawyer told him that his case was canceled, annulled, without any explanations! He no longer owed any taxes and he could keep his home! His wife was so shocked and euphoric by this sudden turn of events, this, after such a long period of terrible anxiety, thinking she would lose her house.

“Then, the cherry on top. My friend’s son, who lives in Europe, called home. He had a strange illness for awhile. He called to tell his parents that all of the sudden, he felt better as if he never experienced his illness in the first place. They were just overjoyed by all these blessings! Like I said, the Grand Rabbi is making miracles happen these days!”


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