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Who’s Who in the Talmud

Who's Who in the TalmudAuthor: S. Frieman. Learn about the Sages who transmitted the Oral Torah, including the 7 Noahide Laws, from Moses who received this from G-d on Mount Sinai. “If they were like angels, we are humans; if they were humans, we are like donkeys.” This exceptional work, with alphabetical entries from Rav Abba to Rav Zutra, is an unprecedented biographical listing of every sage in the Talmud. The reader will find concise entries on every rabbinic personality mentioned in the Talmud, major and minor (even Elijah the Prophet!), famous and infamous. The author Ms. Frieman includes such facts as their dates of birth, teachers, disciples, and occupations. Most entries are accompanied by stories about their lives, moral teachings, prophetic insights, and the miracles they performed or that were done for them. The introduction includes a lengthy excerpt from the Ramchal’s explanation of how one should understand the stories of the Midrash and Aggadah as part of the holy Torah literature.