Torah in Modern Literary Arabic

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Torah in Arabic

This is the traditional translation and explanation of the Torah in modern literary Arabic. It is the modern transcription of the important work of Rabbi Saadia Gaon, a renowned Jewish leader who lived 1100 years ago.

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About the great Torah Sage, Rabbi Saadia Gaon

Rabbi Saadia Gaon (882-942 C.E.) was one of the most influential personalities to exist in the history of Jewish culture.  He settled permanently in Babylonia, where he became a member of the Academy of Sura. He added profound insight and skill to every field of knowledge which he came in contact with. These were mainly treatises on Torah Law, explanations of the Hebrew scriptures, language, religious thought, and poetry. He was able to simultaneously pour his insightful, new wisdom into a subject while maintaining age-old Jewish tradition and knowledge as well.

He maintained the wisdom of the sages before him while finding a suitable balance with the times he lived in. This he did by translating scriptures into the accepted Judeo-Arabic language of his day. At the same time, he aligned his translations with the accepted religious and scientific knowledge of his time period.

The Tafsir, as this book is known in its original Arabic, is the most famous of his works. It is an exegesis of the Masoretic  text of the Five Books of Moses.