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A page from our Coloring Book – The Story of Noah’s Ark

Cost is $4.00 for PDF file by email, or $5.00 for hard-copy pages mailed within the U.S.


The Story of Noah’s Ark

by United Synagogues of Pa Inc. and Ask Noah International

37 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheets. May be ordered as a PDF file delivered by email, or as hard-copy loose-leaf sheets for U.S. mailing addresses.

Recommended for children of ages 3-10. Please contact us for ordering information.

The PDF coloring book “The Story of Noah’s Ark” is a welcome addition to the available resources for children’s education about the stories of the Hebrew Bible. Children of all ages with be drawn to the lovable illustrations by our highly talented artist, who has paid great attention to matching the drawings with the details of the Torah’s text. Likewise, the story line follows the correct time line as the story unfolds, according to the extra details that are provided by the Midrash and Rashi’s explanations. Children will be inspired by the righteousness and goodness of their ancestor Noah and his family, G-d’s communications with Noah, his self-sacrifice to carry out his Divine mission to build the ark, and his dedicated care for the animals. All of this puts the Noahide Commandments which Noah received, and G-d’s Covenant of the Rainbow, into a living situational context that children will automatically relate to and take to heart.

This PDF coloring book also makes a great gift, with a great message, for children to give to their friends who might not otherwise be getting this education at home.

PDF File sent via email: $4.00

Hard-copy pages by mail within the U.S.: $5.00