The Soncino Chumash (A. Cohen, Editor)

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The Soncino Chumash ed. by A. Cohen

Now available from a preferred vendor! This high-quality edition of the Five Books of Moses has the Hebrew text with a lucid English translation. Explanations of many verses are provided. Read excerpts from the writings of Jewish sages whose straightforward (peshat) teachings are based on the Torah tradition. Writings of the following sages are included: Rashi, Ibn Ezra, Rashbam, Nachmanides, Sforno, Kimchi and Gersonides. They are all selected from the classic compilation in Hebrew, Mikraot Gedolot. It is divided according to the weekly Torah-portion readings, along with each week’s reading from the Books of the Prophets (the Haftatrah).

(A note about the stylistic cover image: The tablets of the Ten Commandments were actually cubic in form, not thin.)

Note! Do not confuse this book with the Soncino Hertz Edition, “Pentateuch and Haftorahs,” which is not recommended for anyone.