The Money in the Honey

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The Money in the Honey

“… The Money In The Honey is a Midrash-based picture book, showcasing a classical Biblical [era] tale of King David`s childhood. Thoughtful color illustrations, and a straightforward narrative text bring this timeless parable alive. Enthusiastically recommended reading for children of all faiths and backgrounds who are almost ready to make the transition from picture books to tales that require more reading comprehension, The Money In The Honey is an exceptional picture book and would grace any family, school, or community library collection.” -The Midwest Book Review

Here is another great children’s book, about King David’s childhood:

Dovid the Little Shepherd

Suggested ages: 3 – 6. Reveals young Dovid’s qualities of wise leadership and heartfelt caring as he meets the needs of all his flock, from old sheep to young lambs. Beautiful full-color illustrations will bring the story vibrantly alive for children. Includes background notes for parents and teachers.