The Jewish Ethics for Business and life

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The Jewish EthicistBy Rabbi Dr. Asher Meir. There are more commandments upon Jews than Gentiles in regard to business, but there is a realm of universal ethical and moral guidance which the Torah tradition provides for all people. This book makes great strides in setting out these moral foundations, by which every person can navigate through the ethical dilemmas that face us everyday in the workplace and the marketplace.

From the book jacket: “[This book] discusses scores of actual questions on ethical dilemmas in business as well as everyday life. The author … not only gives answers but also provides a lucid and inspiring presentation of underlying ethical concepts, with special emphasis on the insights of Jewish tradition. The discussions sensitize the reader to ethical concerns in all areas of life, and build a comprehensive foundation of concepts to help resolve these concerns. In discussing topics such as marketing, human resources, and fair competition, attention is given to many up-to-date issues…”