The Hidden Artist

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The Hidden Artist Book review by Ask Noah:

The child who is the hero of this story steps outside of his house, and discovers that our world was created as a beautiful dwelling place for the sake of all human beings, and every individual person, as it is people who can appreciate its Divinely crafted beauty.

What does the child find outside his home?

–        A blue sky with sun beams shining through fluffy clouds

–        Birds soaring with colorful plumage

–        Bright autumn leaves and garden flowers

As he walks farther into the landscape, he sees

–        Meadows and mountains

–        River and ocean

–        Varieties of unique animals on the land and beautiful fish in the water

Gazing up, he sees

–        Stars, meteorites and lightning

–        Infinite patterns of snowflakes

–        Ending with a gorgeous sunset

At each step of the way, the child comes to a deeper realization of the Divine Artist, Who is involved with every detail – HaShem, the One G-d and Creator of all, Who makes this world for the sake of His beloved human beings whom He created in His image.

Additional information:

Format Hardcover
Author Leah Chana Rubabshi
ISBN 978-1-929628-72-2
Dimensions 7″ x 10″
Publisher Hachai
Page format 32 laminated pages