The Colorful Rainbow Dream

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Book: The Colorful Rainbow DreamThe Colorful Rainbow Dream, by Dr. Daphne M. Cohen

Review by D. L. bas Noah:
I just received the book, “The Colorful Rainbow Dream” last night and read it immediately. I loved it. It was very professionally done. The words in the different rainbow colors now make it more significant when we really see a rainbow. It is a positive book all the way around. I appreciate its Torah accuracy. I didn’t get bored at all reading it. It is a keeper. Also, I am so happy to say that it is a book that even a very observant Jew (layperson or Rabbi) wouldn’t want to reject from his or her book collection. It isn’t just for Noahides at all, but for everyone. And that makes me happy, because as regards to the messages of the seven laws, they are for everyone. My grandtwins will be coming to my house in two weeks, and I will have them read it (they are almost 10 years old), or I will read it to them. The book is wonderful!

Review by Catherine Waters OP, Phd, Associate Professor, Counseling Psychology and Licensed Psychologist, Caldwell College:
“In this delightful story of how three young children travel in a shared dream with their wise grandfather, Dr. Daphne Cohen presents the sophisticated mandates of the Noahide Code in a manner that is not only understandable, but intriguing, even amazing. The four travelers visit each of the world’s continents, and on every stop they encounter one of the laws that G-d gave to Noah. The children see the laws come to life in the experiences of the people and other creatures that they encounter, thus learning these important lessons with the guidance of their grandfather, and by actually participating in helping others to learn the laws too. The simplicity of the fantasy is deceptive. There is deep truth in this slim volume, presented in a way that will be enchanting to young readers and to their caregivers. The challenge of passing on important traditions has just been made a bit easier.”

Review by Dr. M. Schulman, Director of Ask Noah International, United Noahide Academies, and
“The special significance of this children’s book is the artful way that the fundamental principles of faith are interwoven into the dialogue and the clever illustrations of the Noahide Code.”

Please note: This book is sold and ships from India.