The Best of Chaim’s Kosher Kitchen [Kindle Edition]

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Kosher or Non-Kosher, these are GREAT recipes! From the kitchen of master chef Chaim Reisner, Founder and Co-Director of

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Turning traditionally non-kosher dishes into Jewish kosher traditions has been Chaim’s passion for over three decades. He is equally passionate about sharing his kosher innovations with others.
Over the years, Chaim’s recipes have been given away freely to friends and family by word of mouth and on hand-written scraps of paper, have found their way into Jewish publications nation-wide and have even ended up in a cookbook by award-winning author Joan Nathan.
Now for the first time, master chef Chaim Reisner has gathered over 170 of his best kosher recipes and made them available in an updated format for all to enjoy via this e-book The Best of Chaim’s International Kosher Kitchen.
The Best of Chaim's Kosher Kitchen