* Miraculous Journey: Biblical to modern history

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Miraculous Journey: A complete history of the Jewish people from Creation to the present.

This amazing work is easy to read and comprehensive. It presents Biblical and Jewish history with a Torah-true perspective.

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This book takes us through the spiritual odyssey, and the inexplicable and miraculous survival, of the Jewish people through exiles, persecutions, false messiahs, assimilation, and renewal. Through the book, one becomes aware of how these workings of G-d’s Providence have been a road map to the coming of the Messiah in the near future.

For audio recordings of the author, Rabbi Yosef Eisen, reading from his book (as recorded by Ask Noah International and broadcast on the Pittsburgh radio show, “The Jewish Experience”), follow these links:
Biblical History
Post-biblical History

Pub. Feldeim 20’18 (736 pages, hardcover).