Light in the Closet

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Light in the ClosetBy A. Goldberg. This book is a monumental achievement in analyzing the influences of modern Western society upon people who are struggling to overcome same-sex attraction (SSA). The author discusses case histories, and today’s agenda-driven activism vs. universally-relevant Torah morality. It is extensively researched and presents a most appropriate (and greatly needed) Torah-based response to this hot-topic issue.

The book is wide-ranging and addresses 23 categories of “sexual brokenness,” which are sexual behaviors, desires or fantasies that are inconsistent with the Torah’s designation of heterosexual marital intercourse as pure and holy. It insists that no one of any age should be denied the right to receive information on, and access to, the known effective means of gender-reaffirming counseling and treatment for sexual disorientation. It includes discussions of the relevant Torah Laws for both Jews and Gentiles (in light of the Noahide Code), and it indicts the permissive (or even promotive) attitudes about indulgence in homosexual relations that can now be found in many countries.

The author now serves as Director of the Jewish Institute for Global Awareness (J.I.F.G.A., web site He is a former Executive Secretary of NARTH (National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, web site NARTH is an organizations that works for the right of all individuals with unwanted SSA to receive effective therapeutic treatment, and for the right of professionals to offer that care. Abundant information, including a list of participating local therapists, is available on that web site.