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Let My World Survive

Compiled from Talmudic and Midrashic sources on the story of Noach (Genesis 6-9), a lone tzaddik in a corrupt world. Great for teenagers!

From the moment he set eyes on his newborn son, Lemech knew that this child was extraordinary. The boy was bathed in an otherworldly aura, as if the Shechinah (G-d’s Presence) hovered over him. Noach is born into a wild world, where kidnapping and theft are commonplace, where fallen angels tread, and where even the animals are penetrated with evil. Can he, a righteous voice in the midst of chaos, save his world from destruction?

In Let My World Survive, Rabbi Yosef Deutsch tells the story of the great Flood and its aftermath like no other author can: with humor, drama, and a wealth of detail, illuminating complexities and unraveling paradoxes. He expertly weaves explanations from the Talmud, Midrash and Chazal to give a coherent, cohesive, and chronological picture of the first two millennia after Creation – the backdrop to the arrival of Abraham.

Book details:

  • ISBN: 978-168025-271-2
  • Weight: 1.087 lbs
  • Binding: Hard Cover / 176 pages
  • Published by: Feldheim Publishers