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Kindness: Changing People’s Lives for the Better

KindnessReview by D. L. bas Noah.

Kindness, by Rabbi Z. Pliskin, is a candid and valuable life-changing book. It teaches examples and problem solving for things that EVERYONE encounters. It is not a lot of high-sounding words that one would read and then immediately forget all about. Instead, it gives a great amount of practical and vital help. As well, much of it addresses what is needed in present personal relationships and in NEW ones. Kindness is a book that is beneficial to ANY person and is Torah compatible. It is spiritually elevating and helps us to fulfill our mission.

You will want to refer to this book again and again. It teaches how being kind to others is really also being kind to yourself, and there is a universal “ripple” effect. You can’t read Kindness and not be changed, as long as you have a least a small sensitivity and desire in this direction. I am definitely keeping my copy of Kindness because it is so full of information that I absolutely need for doing a lot of good in the world. This will certainly increase my own happiness. And it will help me to do my part to get myself and others ready for Moshiach, may he be revealed speedily in our days.

Published by Artscroll, 20’00 (240 pages, softcover)