* In G-d We Trust: A Handbook of Values for Americans

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In G-d We TrustBy Rabbi E. Touger. These essays are from talks by the Lubavitcher Rebbe about the American tradition of ethical values and principles from the Noahide Code. These principles lie at the heart of American culture. The Rebbe explains that America’s Founding Fathers were G-d-fearing men who aimed to integrate the principles they gleaned from the Torah into the core of the unique society they built.

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Review by Brandyn (Bas Noah) and the Director of Ask Noah.:

In G-d We Trust asks the reader to take a good, hard look at ourselves as a country and where we are heading. It emphasizes the vision of the United States’ Founding Fathers which gave American citizens the opportunity to attain the fullest expression of their potential, by building a society on the truths of the Torah. Specifically, this is based on the Seven Commandments given to the descendants of Noah.

This book discusses the balancing of trust and belief, freedom and tolerance, unity and differences. It examines the maintenance of democracy and societal morality for a nation of people who have their own self-interests and self-concerns. Key to the long-term survival of a free nation is the attention given to children and their ethical education, and to parenting and spirituality, which are all important for reducing adult and adolescent crime.

On the international front, America as a world leader has a responsibility to provide firm moral leadership in its foreign relations with other countries. The U.S. provides an example to all for how the positive efforts of individuals can bring about significant positive changes. It emphasizes that these ideals, when implemented according to Torah principles, are important aspects in which society can and should attain lasting progress, and thereby foster the coming of the true Messiah.

The essays in this book are drawn from selected talks by the Rebbe in which an identification was made with the historical tradition of ethical values and principles of the Noahide Code. It is noted that these lie at the heart of American culture. Many excerpts from stories and other examples are used to clearly illustrate the subjects that are examined throughout the book.