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Bible history timeline: Dor L’Dor [Generation to Generation]

Dor L'dor TimelineBy E. Waxman. This folding timeline is a graphic color chart, presenting famous personalities and events over the entire Jewish history. It runs from the 6 Days of Creation to the present. The last entry in the present volume is the capture of Saddam Hussein, but two more pages of blank time-line are added, so you can continue filling in major events in world history (or even your own personal and family events!). Numerous eras are noted, and the years are expressed in several diverse dating systems.

The 50-year Jubilee cycles and the 7-year Sabbatical cycles are shown, beginning with Joshua’s division of the Holy Land among the Jewish tribes. Its year-by-year layout and unique format is colorful, attractive, clear and concise. It instantly presents the reader with a thorough snapshot of any given year from the time of Creation to the present. This exceptional book is invaluable aid for adults and children, educators, scholars and laypersons.

This book makes a GREAT and very unique gift!

Pub. Feldheim ’06. With 60 fold-out accordion pages, and 20 page guide.

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