Artscroll Tehillim (Psalms) – Full Size

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Artscroll Book of PsalmsThe Book of Psalms, with accurate English translation and commentary; (329 pages)

This Artscroll Full-Size edition is appropriate for Noahides.

Reviewed by Travis (Ben Noah):

I don’t know if I can even properly illustrate how reading an authentic translation of the Psalms opened up my eyes to many things… many mysteries made clear and questions answered. Now I see in the Psalms an author with a vast wisdom, a true understanding of living a life based on the Torah and HaShem. These are much more than just prayers of comfort and healing that I always assumed they were… They contain the most accurate and insightful teachings I’ve ever seen concerning what is pleasing to HaShem and what happens to people when they die. It is noteworthy how often the word “kindness” is mentioned, and how the basic themes of all the Psalms could even serve as a guide-book for a person’s entire life. King David was without a doubt on very very intimate terms with HaShem. It is truly amazing.