Artscroll Complete Hebrew Bible in English

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All 24 Books of the Bible (Tanach), “Stone Edition,” with accurate English translation (pub. 20’11, 1400 pages).


  • Over 1400 pages – one-third fewer pages than the Hebrew-English edition.
  • A flowing, readable translation of the entire text of the Torah, the Prophets, and the Writings, created by Rabbi Nosson Scherman, in collaboration with an international team of scholars
  • Introduction to each of the 24 books of Tanach
  • Sidebar guides to the text
  • Commentary and notes drawn from classic and contemporary Rabbinic sources
  • Biblical maps, timelines, and genealogies
  • Diagrams of priestly vestments and Temple implements
  • Diagrams of the Tabernacle and Temple layouts
  • Insights on many commonly misunderstood passages
  • Topical reference index
  • Guide to the Tanach – an “at a glance” summary of the content of each weekly Torah protion and each chapter in the Prophets and Holy Writings.


Ideal for reading and prayer! Brief commentaries on nearly every page, and introductions to each Book of the Bible. (Please be sure to always respect the sanctity of holy books!)

Especially note that this long-awaited improved English-only edition has short explanations beside almost every Psalm.

(Note: there are some Jewish prayers, called “blessings,” that are said by Jews before and after reciting some parts of the Hebrew Bible in synagogue services. These prayers are printed in this book; they apply only to Jews, and should not be said by Gentiles. Please send us any questions by email.)

[Alternatively, click here to read the Tanach on-line. This on-line English Tanach with the explanations by Rashi (click to show) is from Judaica press. The English translation is good, but not quite as high-quality as the above Artscroll version.]