* A Judgment of Truth and Mercy

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A Judgment of Truth and MercyBy Rabbi DovBer (the Mitteler Rebbe, 1773-1827 C.E.). When Rabbi DovBer was temporarily incarcerated as a result of false slander against him, he wrote this Chassidic discourse as a letter to the Gentile governor of his province in Russian. In the letter, he explains the ten sefirot, or Divine attributes, which culminate in G-d’s attribute of Kingship.

This “lowest” Divine attribute receives influence from all the other attributes. From that input, it actualizes G-d’s power to bring about the existence of all creation. In the earthly realm, this is reflected in the ruling power of the kings and their appointed governors. They rule over nations and provinces in our physical world. As such, these Gentile rulers are obligated to reflect the Divine attributes of truth and mercy within their application of their own authority over their citizens.

Published by Sichos in English (hardcover).

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