Selected videos from “My Noahide Family” in Australia

Listen, enjoy and learn! New video messages are being added to “My Noahide Family” by our Noahide friend in Australia:

Introduction to videos for and about Noahides, from Chrissie Seaton – seeking contacts and fellowship with other Noahides in Australia and New Zealand, through her web site


Praying as a Noahide: making the direct connection for you and your soul with your Creator, the One True G-d.


What is a Noahide lifestyle? A description of observing the 7 Laws of Noah as one’s commands from G-d, along with worshiping and trusting G-d and His constant Divine Providence, with modesty, kindness and respect for other people and His entire creation.


The Noahide commandment that prohibits theft, whether large or small: many practical examples are given of situations that can arise in the course of daily life.


The Noahide commandment for a righteous legal system includes the policies of the ruling government, which need to be based on the moral and ethical standards of the Noahide Code. Attention is brought to the specific examples of abortion and euthanasia, in light of the commandment that prohibits murder.


“Under the umbrella of G-d”: A way for children and adults to conceptualize the fact that G-d is omnipresence and omniscient. This leads to understanding that all of one’s doings, merits and unrepented demerits are “recorded” for presentation in the Heavenly Court.