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Ramban: The Disputation at Barcelona

The Disputation at Barcelona by RambanEdited and translated by Rabbi Dr. Charles B. Chavel. The fascinating and highly educational personal account by Ramban (Nachmanides) of his forced disputation before the king of Barcelona.

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“…the great disputation in Barcelona which the Ramban defended the Jewish faith in most trying circumstances. A convert to Christianity, Pablo Christiani who aimed to convert the Jews of Provence to Christianity, was the instigator of the debate. The subjects of the debate were whether the Messiah had as yet appeared, and whether the Messiah announced by the Prophets to was to be considered divine or a man born of human parents. And finally which was the true faith, Judaism or Christianity.

Nachmanides [Ramban] was, as a result of convincingly winning the debate, punished for it, exiled from his happy family, and forced to wander. He would eventually make his way to the Land of Israel and found an important synagogue in Jerusalem, reviving communal life there.”