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Noahide Torah Study
Joachim ben Noach Wrote:1) You have recommended Chumashim with selected commentaries. Thank you. Is it understood that one may also learn selected commentaries on the other books of Tanakh?

The Artscroll "Stone Edition" Tanach (Hebrew/English or English only) has short selected explanations throughout the volume, and that is one of our recommended books.

Also recommended are Rashi's explanations on the entire Tanach. The complete Tanach with Rashi's verse-by-verse explanations is available freely on-line:

Joachim ben Noach Wrote:2) One may only learn p'shat level commentary. Does this refer only to the actual texts of classic commentary?
There are many fine lectures found on the internet teaching Tanakh, that blend simple, allegorical, mystical, philosophical, historical and so on teachings in a smooth, comprehensive understanding of the sacred scriptures. Are such lectures permissible?

Simple and historical lectures are certainly OK. Of course you need to be concerned about the accuracy, reliability and "spin" of the material that is presented in on-line lectures. In general, as long as the lecture material is not too in-depth or kabbalistic, it's OK for Noahides to listen in to an oral lecture, without going to the actual texts for more in-depth investigative study.

Joachim ben Noach Wrote:3) What about teachings on self improvement, science, history, and other topics suggested for Noahides, that bring out deeper meanings of one or more verses? (For "The Divine Code" lists the specific verses Gentiles may delve into.)

Yes, that is OK, since those topics are not delving into the Oral Torah. See for example our recommended books in all of those categories, at

Joachim ben Noach Wrote:Thank you for your many answers, and for your time.

You're welcome!

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