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Man-made religions / events with family & friends
B"H. Paraphrasing from "The Divine Code," 4th ed., Part 2, topic 10:2 -

"On a day that [Gentiles] ... celebrate by giving each other gifts that by their tradition are in honor of [an] idol, it is permitted to participate in this if it is considered by both parties (the giver and receiver) as only a custom, with no connection to the idol. But it would be better from the outset not to give gifts on that day, since it would be strengthening an idolatrous custom."

If you have been given a gift in connection with such a day, whether or not it was on that day, you are allowed to keep it and use it, including gifts of food - if it is something that in general is not recognized as being a forbidden image or an accessory for idol worship. (Forbidden images or accessories for idol worship would be a problem at any time, regardless of when or in what context the gift was given.)

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