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Man-made religions / events with family & friends
Quote:I have a question about Halloween. I read in "The Divine Code" that traditions that used to be pagan, but are now observed for secular reasons and have lost all religious significance, are OK for Gentiles to celebrate. Does this apply to Halloween?

Regarding participation in secularized Holloween activities:

For those Gentiles who view it as entirely secularized and no longer of any religious significance to them, participating in Holloween activities does not seem to be a problem in regard to the Noahide prohibitions of idolatrous practices or taking on a religious holiday.

In this generation, Holloween has devolved into a lot of decadence, which of course is highly commercialized. Some common contemporary problems associated with Holloween activities are:
1) immodest costumes
2) wild parties involving heavy drinking and/or promiscuous behavior
3) acts of vandalism

As long as the person will certainly stay clear of those problems, I don't think it's forbidden. But on the other hand, celebration of Holloween is not in line with pious Noahide behavior.

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