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Man-made religions / events with family & friends
Hi Rabbis and Director-
All of my family does Xmas, and now I have two new sons-in-laws whose big families I HAVE to visit and they do Xmas, plus my kids and everyone always exchanges gifts, and expect me to spend a ton of money on them, like always. While you said in another post I can keep a gift I get, if I can visit them on Xmas, can I eat? Can I give a present to loved ones in the days before Xmas but say it's not an Xmas present (or Hanukkah gift)? I want to obey the Torah and create the least amount of hard feelings from my kids, grandkids and sons-in-laws families. They also strongly expect me to come over for their other holidays. But I wouldn't really be honoring or celebrating that holiday in my heart?
Thank you!

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