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Man-made religions / events with family & friends
Thank you for your question Carmina! Your post was moved into the proper thread, on this subject. Please see post #2 above by Rabbi Yitz, and post #10 above by Rabbi Weiner. Those answers address questions about celebrations at home or at work, that (1) one could attend but decline to participate, or (2) one could participate with others if the general intention of those involved is only to practice something that has become a secularized custom, and is not being observed as a service to an idol.

- If it is a service that includes dedication and worship to an idol, in a house that is dedicated to the worship of the idol, officiated by a priest of the idol, one should not participate, and ideally should not attend.
- If one's refusal to attend that type of service will cause serious anger and bad feelings from family or friends, there is permission for a Gentile to attend, but not to participate in the service.
- If the event is located there, but there is no actual service or worship to the idol involved, a Gentile can attend and even participate, if refusing to do so cause will cause serious anger and bad feelings from family or friends.

Please see the referenced chapters in "The Divine Code," vol. 1, where these guidelines are explained in detail.

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