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How a Noahide woman should dress
I know that in Judaism, the Orthodox women do not wear men's clothes, that a woman is to cover her hair when she is married or when she prays. What about Noahides? Any restrictions in their way of dressing? Thank you Rabbi for your time
oceanoah Wrote:Shalom
I know that in Judaism , the orthodox women do not wear men's clothes, that a woman is to cover her hair when she is married or when she prays. What about noahides? Any restrictions in their way of dressing? thank you Rabbi for your time.

Noahide women, single or married, are not obligated to cover their hair. But married Noahide women who wish to go in the path of righteousness and humility before G-d can also choose to follow this practice.

As far as women wearing men's clothing: a woman may not dress in a way which can mislead a man or another woman to entice them to immorality. They should dress in a modest fashion as befits one who walks before G-d.
Rabbi Yitz
Hi everyone Smile
i have a curious question. Do Hasid Jews and Hasid Noahides have the same dress in modesty? I've always been a beach going person. I'm a tee-shirt and shorts swimmer, but I've never seen Jews at the beach, that I know of. Do the Chassidim go swimming? Do they have a private beach or pool? Do the men and women go at different times? If so, what do they wear? Just curious Smile Ara
Religious Jews (not only Chassidim) do not go "mixed swimming" (adult men and women together). We have either separate beaches for men and women, or different hours or days at the pool.
The men wear regular bathing suits, and the women wear modest bathing suits (women's styles vary among the different groups).
As for color, it is not as much a question of modesty as of custom of the group, and the desire to remain distinctive from the nations. (There are many different groups of Chassidim, some have their own distinctive style of dressing.)
Rabbi Yitz
Hi! I'm going to a school where most of the students are boys. How shall i dress? Is there some kind of clothes i shall avoid? (i used to wear a skirt and a shirt with a high neck-line, so this isn't a question of immodest clothes. It's about which modest clothes i shall wear in school).

I also wonder, is it considered immodest to wear a long shirt over the skirt (it might make people stare?), or can i wear every length of shirt over the skirt? And shall I avoid clothes with much patterns?
Going modestly before G-d is not only about the clothes you wear, but it is also about your attitude and the manner in which you present yourself to others. A person might be using enticing expressions and gestures (body language), even if modest clothing is being worn.

The Torah's standard of modest dressing for women is that the torso would be completely covered with a high neckline, with the arms covered past the elbows, and the legs covered past the knees. These are requirements for Jewish women, but only guidelines (i.e. not strictly required) for Gentile women.
Hi! I'm doing an assignment about womens clothing through history. I wonder, is it wrong making illustrations depicting clothes with, for an example, low neckline?
That would not be forbidden, as long as the illustrations are not pornographic. You could include examples of appropriate (modest) clothing styles, and explain why they enhance a woman's self-dignity.
I wonder, is it wrong dancing for example ballet? is it wrong participating in a show? I do not dance right now, but i maybe will start. Is it wrong? what shall I wear?
It is OK to take the ballet lessons while wearing a ballet outfit if you'll be in a class with girls only. You can check first with the instructor to make sure that *she* will allow you to take the lessons if you don't participate in any performances before a mixed audience of men and women.

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