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Believing in vs. serving an intermediary
(04-11-2013, 12:55 AM)Director Michael Wrote: Attendance at services and houses of idol worship is forbidden (i.e. sinful), but it is not a capital sin unless one actually commits an act of idol worship. A person who is forced by others to attend or participate against his will, out of fear of being harmed, but in his heart he does not accept or worship the idol, is not liable to punishment. See "The Divine Code", Part I, topic 4:3, p. 77.

Hello, I was wondering if I can attend my roommates wedding/s as to not offend them? I believe it says I can to avoid hate.
Also it says that I am not allowed to attend baptisms and funerals. Could I attend my grandparents, parents, or other close family if they are Christians?

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