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Circumcision and procreation for Noahides
Sh'lom Niklas,

Thanks very much for your question, "Is it your opinion that it is better to be circumcised even if it is not a Noahide commandment?"

On the one hand, there are the non-religious medical pros and cons of circumcision, regarding infant boys, older children, and adult men. Medical science has lately discovered more about circumcision than was previously known. For example, there is now a major project to circumcise men in Africa, because circumcision lowers the risk of contracting AIDS (G-d forbid). So this is something you can discuss with your doctor, if you're interested.

For the religious perspective, I can only reiterate that non-Arabic, observant Noahide men have no religious obligation to be circumcised, or to have their infant boys circumcised. That spiritual decision is entirely depending on whether the individual feels strongly inspired to do this.

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