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Marriage and Marital Issues
BenPolin Wrote:We are planning to get married in April, as a Noahide couple. Everything is basically set up, we will have a Noahide Ketubah (marriage contract, from your template on this web site) etc. We also will have gold wedding bands with "Ani le'dodi" Hebrew inscription (from the verse "I am my beloved's..." in the Song of Songs).

I have read regarding Jewish weddings (could not find relevant Noahide information on this), that the wedding ring given to the bride MUST belong to the groom prior to the ceremony. Does this ruling also apply to non-Jews/Noahides, or is it allowed for the bride to contribute the bands?

Thank you very much for your help so far!

Mazel tov for your upcoming wedding! That point of Jewish Torah Law does not apply to Non-Jews/Noahides, for whom it is allowed for the bride to contribute either one or two weddings bands if she wishes to, by mutual agreement.

Here is the web page with the Noahide marriage contract you mentioned:

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