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tobacco and other drug use
bdschuh Wrote:My Rabbi has suggested to me that I might want to imitate this behavior of a nazarite, although he says that there is no such thing [legitimately] as an actual Noahide nazarite vow. How would a Noahide go about imitating the behavior of a nazarite?
Would a Noahide "nazarite" abstain from all alcohol or just alcohol made from the grape?
Your Rabbi is probably referring to this topic in "The Divine Code," Volume 1, by Rabbi Moshe Weiner, p. 277, in the chapter on "Laws of Vows and Promises":

" is proper and praiseworthy for one to make vows in order to correct his behavior and to properly redirect his opinions. How so? One who has a negative behavior trait or habit – for example, gorging on meat, or drinking a lot of wine or other intoxicating drink in an improper way – may make a vow that he will abstain from this thing for a certain amount of time. Or someone who fixates on seeking out wealth may vow that he will not accept any gifts for a certain amount of time. All such abstinences may properly be taken on with a vow in order to correct one’s conduct. However, this is only on the condition that the person will first evaluate himself, to be confident that he is able to stand by his word, so he will not eventually transgress his vow and thus be guilty of lying.
Nevertheless, a person should not habituate himself to making vows, and he should not make many of them. Instead, he should try to separate from his improper behaviors, without making promises or vows."

So this self-correction could apply to abstaining from any type of addictive behavior - either use of any kind of alcoholic drinks or illicit drugs, or sexual misconduct or addictions, use of pornography, etc.

bdschuh Wrote:Would a Noahide "nazarite" in our time have to fulfill his pledge in Israel? At the end of his pledge, could he burn his cut hair anywhere, or would he need to do it in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem when it is rebuilt? Also, would a Noahide "nazarite" have to stay away from graveyards and funerals?

Those details of the actual nazarite vow (Numbers 6:1-21) only applied for Jews, and only during the time of the First and Second Holy Temples.

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