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Concept of National Heritage
Through this question we can distinguish the difference between Torah and intellectual and cultural heritage of the nations of the world. Torah is a unique commodity which was offered to all the nations of the world, but they refused it; whereas the Jewish Nation accepted it unconditionally with the words, "We will do and we will listen." Thus the Torah was given exclusively to the Jewish nation, and it is written in Deuteronomy 33:4, "an INHERITANCE to the congregation of Jacob." So it is something that the Jews acquired as an inheritance, not something which they cultivated or earned by their own hand. This too applies to the land of Israel. It belongs to the Jews, but only by virtue of Hashem giving it to the Jewish People as an inheritance.
As for the other nations, peoples and cultures of the world, they share the commonality of all being Bnei Noach - the offspring of Noach - which unites them in an original common culture and heritage, that has developed and branched off throughout history (as guided by G-d's Divine Providence).
Rabbi Yitz

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